Welcome to the Recipes section of our web site. First off - I'm not a trained cook or anything fancy like that. Rather I'm a Mum who likes to cook, and has to cater for lots of allergies in my family - milk, egg, wheat, mushrooms etc. I'm often putting food on the table saying 'that's without mushrooms for Henrietta, that's with mushrooms for Molly, that's with cheese for Daddy...you get the drift'. Nearly all the recipes are our own; there are some that are other people and we've included them as they are so good and such a regular part of our cooking. Not to mention the Ms Cupcake chocolate chip cookie recipe - honestly why fiddle with perfection!

If you've a family favourite that you're struggling to adapt just let me know and I'll give it go and post the results...sometimes 'two heads' can make all the difference.

Here is a selection of recipes that I use day in, day out. Hopefully you'll find something that works for your family. Do tweek things around to match your families tastes. We're big fans of traditional roasts, grills and the such. Anything that's not too sauce or cheese heavy features in our life. As does fish - although I know lots are allergic.

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