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publication date: Jan 19, 2018

Bunny Cupcake  


This is a very sweet cupcake decoration. You can ignore the grass if you like and place it on a cupcake with chocolate frosting so it’s a bunny digging a hole in the ground, rather than in the grass. That might be quicker (especially if you don’t have a grass nozzle for piping).

You will need:

White royal icing (available at all the big supermarkets premade)

Pink food dye

A portion of vegan buttercream frosting

Green food dye

A bit of desiccated coconut

A toothpick or skewer to help place the pink pads on the feet!

Grass nozzle

Grass Nozzle


First off make a cupcake. Any will do but my favourites for Easter are vegan lemon or gluten free coconut and lime.

Make a portion of vegan buttercream frosting and add in ½ tsp of green food dye. How much food dye determines how deep a green you get so play around until you’ve a colour you like.

Place the nozzle in the pipping bag and load up with buttercream frosting (don’t forget to twist the top of the bag so icing doesn’t squirt out). With a short, sharp upward motion create grass on the top of the cupcake. Don’t worry if you have differing lengths of grass – it’s a field, not a tended lawn.

Now grab a bit of the white royal icing and roll it into a ball in the palms of your hands. This is the bunny’s bottom. Take a smaller piece and roll it into a ball for the tail. Put some desiccated coconut on a place, with your finger dampen the ball that is going to be the tail with a bit of water and roll in the coconut. That’s how you get the furry appearance. Dap a bit of water on the bunny’s bottom and attach the tail.

Take two equal pieces of royal icing and form into the feet (rectangles with slightly rounded edges). Now take a very small amount of royal icing and add in pink food dye. Knead the dye into the icing so you have a consistent colour.  Create two long ovals (leaving a bit of icing left to do the pads). Dap a bit of water on the back with your fingers and add to the ‘feet’. Create six small balls with the remaining icing (but they need to be small). Squish them with your finger to flatten.  Dap a bit of water on the bottom of the feet and using a toothpick arrange three toe pads on each foot. This is a bit fiddly so don’t get frustrated. Dab a bit of water part way up the bunny’s bottom and rest the feet on the wet area with the toes in the grass. Transfer to the cupcake and place on the grass. 


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