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publication date: Dec 2, 2014

Urticaria and Prednisone



For some reason I’m covered in a rash from my waist to my collar bone. Arms are red raw, I itch all over. A week of Prednisone hasn’t helped so now I’m doing another 10 days of 15mg of the steroid per day.

Here are my problems:

I haven’t a clue what’s causing the rash so it’s tricky to solve.

Having real trouble sleeping – can’t figure out if it’s the rash or the meds or both that’s keeping me awake. I’m moisturising three times a night as I wake up every few hours with intense itching.  However I’m getting genuinely paranoid about what I put on my skin. I normally use Aveeno – but what if I’m reacting to the oats? So I’m trying coconut oil…but then worrying that maybe I’m allergic to coconuts! A quick google tells me that coconut allergy is pretty rare but still…

I’m shattered. I’m just so exhausted by the endless discomfort, the burning sensation on my arms, and the endless itching. It doesn’t seem to matter how much cream I put on, how much water I drink, this rash isn’t budging.

I’m embarrassed. I look a sight; and yes I’ve supportive friends who wince when they see my arms and chest but it’s so awful to be red raw and flaking everywhere. Usually I manage to keep perspective about my skin; but since the steroids don’t seem to be working I’m losing my sense of humour. Usually I notice a big difference in day or two; now I’m on day 9 and it’s still stubbornly hanging on. I guess I’m starting to ask - what if it doesn’t go away ? What will it take to get rid of this rash?

I have to do something to help myself. But the question is what? So…desperate times call for desperate measures. Here’s my plan:

For starters I’m really limiting what I eat. Rice, fish, lamb and vegetables are the basis of my diet – no tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine as I’ve been worried that the nightshade group of vegetables give me digestive problems. I’m cutting out fruit (except bananas). I’m already wheat, milk and egg free so cutting out the gluten free products is quite hard. I’ve managed two days so far – snacking on carrots and rice cakes.

I’m using olive oil, coconut oil and epaderm on my skin. We’ll see if that helps.

Finally, after all these years, my GP has agreed to send me to a dermatologist. We’ll see how that goes…

In an effort to stay sane I’m going to blog about how it's going. Tricky to bake at the moment…but may have to depend on hubby and daughter to be tasters.

Anyone been through this? Would love to hear from you.



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