publication date: Dec 29, 2014

Molly’s Crazy Swollen Eye

Well this is new…Molly woke up a week ago with a really, really, swollen eye. It was the weekend and antihistamines didn’t make any difference so off we trotted to minor injuries.

What a joy. We sat for 2 hours while others came and went. Obviously we were down-graded to the lowest level of need, this surprised me as I thought children were normally seen pretty quickly. Bizarrely several friends came and went while we were waiting so we got to catch up with them. Not exactly the same as a nice chat in Costa but at least we had company.

Finally we were called in. Molly’s eye was checked to make sure there was nothing in it, infection was also ruled out. No sign of a bite to explain the swelling. She really did look like someone had punched her.  They did an eye test to make sure that her sight wasn’t affected and then announced ‘Molly – you’re an allergic mystery’ and sent us home with the advice to up her Piriton to 1 ½ tablets a day.  We also used antibiotic eye cream just in case there was some sort of infection going on

The increased Piriton helped a little bit, but not much. A few days later we were at the GP’s for Molly’s flu injection. As she’s asthmatic she gets this every year. The nurse looked at her eye and suggested a GP’s appointment. The lovely Dr. McKenzie was Molly’s choice so we had to wait a few days.  He took a look, agreed it was allergic and prescribed Cromolux 2% eye dropped to be used 4 times per day. Well…what a difference that made! In a day she was looking much better, and two days later looking positively normal. We’ve no idea what set her off so that’s a concern. We’ll have to keep ‘an eye out’ (cough) to see if we can figure it out.


Lesson learnt here? Wait and go to our GP instead of rushing off to minor injuries….


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