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publication date: Jul 17, 2014

Salad Dressing - Start checking that sugar content! (And don't fall for that healthy tag)


It's's hot (thank goodness) and naturally I turn my attention to shedding that 5 lbs I always whine about. Out with the roasted vegetables and in with the salad. But that I check sugar contents I see where I'm sabotaging my attempts to shed a few pounds.

Gone are the days where middle age means that you can enjoy the luxury of 'middle age spread'. Now we have our GP's checking our BMI, blood pressure and giving advice over cholesterol and alcohol as part of our regular health care. On top of that, we, of course, check the sugar in everything because of Molly's reflux. The plus side of all this 'sugar policing' is that her teeth are great! The down side is I'm really starting to understand the full extent of the extra sugar we eat without realising it.

Molly considers lettuce to be...well..kinda evil. So I thought that maybe I could try different salad dressings to tempt her to try eating salad. This is pure laziness on my part. I'd like the option of grabbing a bag of salad from the supermarket and throwing it on a plate along with salmon and potatoes. So off I waddled to the grocery store to take a look at the salad dressings.

The variation is sugar content is amazing. I expected it to be pretty standard. Fat content I thought would go up and down like a yo yo depending on cheese and cream content but I genuinely thought sugar would be pretty samey. How wrong I was...I'm particularly incensed by those with a 'healthy' tag having more sugar than normal dressing.

Here are some examples...

Product Sugar per 100ml Product Sugar per 100ml
Tesco Caesar Dressing 2.4g Tesco Balsamic  21.6g
Tesco Healthy Living Sweet Chilli 22.5g Tesco Honey & Mustard  5.6g
JS Be Good To Yourself French 10g Kraft Light Thousand Islands 2.9g
JS Taste The Difference Blasamic 14.3g Hellman's Thousand Islands 12g
Waitrose Half Fat Olive Oil Dressing 3g Hellman's Fat Free Vinaigrette 11g


So the levels vary a huge amount - and it's not always intuitive. I'd expect Honey and Mustard to be high in sugar. Certainly to have more sugar than something labelled 'healthy' or 'Be Good To Yourself'. But it's not the case. Time for more regulation over labelling I think. We can't all spend our lives reading labels - there has to be some sense of responsibility for those producing food to produce brand names, and flags, that make sense. Nothing less common than 'common sense' I guess....



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