publication date: May 24, 2017

Pure - London Review


I was early for a meeting in London the other day. Desperate for coffee, but also a bit hungry. I didn’t want to go to Costa or Nero, despite excellent coffee, as they have very little, if anything, I can eat. I hate Starbucks coffee and object to their avoidance of tax so they’re out too. Pret is always a good choice, but for breakfast the one choice is the coconut porridge, which while good, isn’t really inspiring (or at least it wasn’t enough to drag me in off the street).

Across the road I saw another coffee shop – one I’d not seen before. Called Pure. I liked the look of it – bright and clean with wooden tables and a decent number of refrigerated units that looked to have a lot of stuff on sale. So I thought I’d pop in and take a look….



Where to begin? Firstly for someone with allergies it’s wonderful when everything is clearly labelled. I do get tired of having to ask the allergy menu and going through items trying to cross reference what is on the shelf v ingredients. It’s just gets a bit disheartening to have a list of dishes being crossed off as you go. So having everything so clearly labelled in the units is great. A quick glance through and I’m able to start choosing.

And choice I actually had. Quite a lot actually. Which is a real change! There were lots of egg dishes and wraps which are a no for me so I wandered over to the porridge.  Porridge made with Almond milk, muesli served with Almond milk – all a no for me due to my nut allergy but nice to see dairy free alternatives around – in total 12 variations on porridge are available.

Then I saw it….Green Birchia. Swiss birchia with a green smoothie topping – DF, GF, EF, SDF, WF, Vegan, Nut Free! Dear God…now I had no idea was Birchia was…but frankly I was hungry and I could eat it so it was worth a go.  It turns out that Birchia is oats, coconut yoghurt, chai seeds and apple juice. It was topped with a wonderful green smoothie of avocado, mango, banana, apple, spinach, lemon, spirulina and wheatgrass.  The image below is taken from their website.


Now…if I was reading this I’m not sure I’d be so impressed with how this sounds. But believe me…it was delicious – and their Black Americano was pretty good as well.  For anyone on a Vegan, GF diet but is okay with Almonds there was also an Energy Crunch Birchia with dates and coconut.

Their range of hot foods and salads is also a God Send for those with allergies or following a Vegan diet. Roasted vegetables with cous cous, hummus, a GF, DF, NF Thai Red Chicken Curry for a Sweet Potato Gobi which is Vegan, DF and NF are just some of the choices (oh…and the Thai Green Lentil Soup is lovely – Vegan, GF, DF and Nut Free). I could go on…but I won’t.

I do think they are rather short of vegan baked goods but I’ll forgive them that as there are so many choices of other things to eat.

My only complaint? I tried to take a photo of my food for my blog and got told I wasn’t allowed to by orders of the owner. I find that bizarre, but…again…I’ll forgive them and go back again, and again as the food is wonderful.

Here is their website – so hunt down your local Pure outlet, or order on line. Sadly they are London only, but I’m sure they will expand fast.

Interestingly they have a several policies which I think explains why their food is so good – from their website –

The only way to hit our high standards is to have our own kitchens, on-site, in every Pure. This way, we can control recipes, ingredients and methods; we can experiment and perfect


Long shelf life, preservatives, even sunlight, all reduce a juice’s natural nutrients. Our juices & smoothies are being freshly squeezed and bottled on-site every day to deliver maximum nutrients. You’d be amazed at how few high street brands do this…


The only way to avoid wilted or naked leaves and messy dressing pots is to freshly dress salads to order. So that’s what we do, with our own dressings, created by us to complement our salads.

(If you’ve ever wondered why so much of the high street tastes the same, it’s because it is: the same condiments and sauces bought in from the same supplier).

So – the food is clearly labelled, and frankly delicious. Ambience pretty good, coffee excellent and choice was more than I’m use to except when I’m looking a sushi. So…it is definitely now one of my top choices.


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