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publication date: Dec 15, 2014

Prednisone - The Continuing Saga


Argh…after a week of Prednisone the rash came back, so another two weeks of steroids followed. That’s a lot of medication when we don’t know what’s causing this reaction. So in an effort to reduce the rash I decided to severely limit my diet. Rice, fish, chicken, vegetables only. No tomatoes or potatoes as I think they may be a problem. 

Rice for breakfast was better than I expected, but then I like rice. I know this doesn’t count as a balanced diet but I’m a bit desperate now and no longer care about what I eat as long as it doesn’t make me sick.

I think the thing I object to most about this reaction is how it’s making me suspicious of all foods. Suddenly meals aren’t there to be enjoyed; but rather a dangerous game of roulette. I love food. Really love eating. Some people view food as fuel and I’ve never been able to get my head around that before now. But now I’m in that boat – it’s not what I want to eat, even out of my already limited choices, but what I can trust to eat without breaking out in a rash.

So...I’ve eaten my own body weight in rice crackers…as I’m not snacking on anything else. Limiting myself to small bite of something I bake for tasting purposes as Molly has a tendency to declare everything delicious. This is adorable but not always accurate!

The rash comes and goes now…it took ages to go down but now it’s flaring every other day. I’m reluctant to go back to the doctors for more drugs and hoping that it will quiet down for the holidays.  I continue to moisturise; and use Eurax to control the itch. I've started wearing cotton gloves to bed - to reduce the sleepy scratching. And of course have cut my nails right back so that if I do scratch its with the pads of my fingers. Not scratching is really difficult. Molly is the family policeman - explaining in a tone that only a 10 year old with the moral high ground can muster, that I'm only making it worse. I know that. I do find that rubbing ice cubes on the affected areas helps to take the heat out of the reaction.

I know this is going to sound a bit crazy but I wonder if it’s a reaction to chocolate. A lot of my recent recipes have been chocolate based so I’ve had a lot. In the past I didn’t really eat chocolate due to the milk content. Now that I’m baking and making with coconut cream and Oately my chocolate intake has gone sky high. This is the one suspicion I have which I can test. So…I’ll wait until I’m rash free and then have a bit of chocolate. Until then I’m steering clear. Which isn’t ideal at Christmas but then neither is being covered in God’s most uncomfortable rash!


After Christmas I’m off to a dermatologist to see if we can figure this out.  This is the first time ever that I’ve been referred to a dermatologist so I’ve high hopes.  Maybe some sort of answer to what’s going on will come forward. In the meantime as I’m off the Prednisone I’m able to sleep (yipeee) and hopefully this will just become a bad memory.

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