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publication date: Aug 11, 2014

Panago Pizza

Panago Gluten Free, Dairy Free Slice

I promised to try Panago Pizza when I was in Canada. They do gluten free and Daiya Dairy Free cheese. Could a pizza be a pizza without wheat or dairy? 

That's the question; isn't it? Is a pizza worth eating without cheese or wheat crust?. I've had gluten free crusts in the UK and some are pretty good, some awful, but none get that thin, crisp base I like. They seem to be either fluffy and thick, or cardboard. Those of us who bake gluten free know how tricky it can be to get the mix right. And I'm still irritated that Domino's only does small sized pizzas in gluten free, and they come uncut for some reason. I've never found, and therefore never tried, a pizza with a cheese substitute. Now of course I can order a pizza without cheese, but I'd rather have a curry if I'm going to do take out than a cheese free pizza. It just seems wrong on so many levels...

I'd tweeted with Panago's and promised to try their pizza when in Canada. Being me, I left it to the last day so it was a bit of a rush. I'd had ideas of visiting the Toronto outlet and chatting with people. But the lure of the cottage was such that after Niagara Falls I went straight there. No take- out available unless you count the fish in the lake.

So there I was, back at my brother's house, at the end of the holiday, packing and running around doing last minute shopping and muttering about not ordering a pizza. Wendy, my sis-in-law, pointed out that lunch time was a reasonable opportunity to order a pizza. So we did. Gluten free, Daiya cheese, medium size (hear that Domino's - Medium Sized) - pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. Figured I'd go for a classic pizza for a fair comparison.

It arrived in the promised 30 minutes. Hot, square, cut and looking good. The crust was great. Crisp without being like cereal packing, tomato sauce nicely flavoured without being over powering and the Daiya cheese on top. I've had Daiya cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich so I knew what to expect. It does melt, but it's not a stringy as normal cheese. Nevertheless it was a great pizza. It looked like pizza, it tasted like pizza - even the non-allergic people in the family who ate it declared it pizza like! So often the alternatives aren't worth the effort. Not the case here - full of flavour and not greasy either. The Daiya cheese makes such a difference. So great to be able to order this for all our family so we can share.  It disappeared despite being a good sized medium (again...are you listening Domino's?).

So please...from the heart...Panago's and Daiya can you come to England? We have lots of great stuff to see and do. It'll be worth it. Really it will. Despite the rain and the reputation, we love good food, we love pizza.

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