publication date: May 7, 2014

Nature's Path Breakfast Cereal - Product Review


The lovely people at Nature’s Path sent me a box full of goodies to review. Great for those of us with milk and gluten issues to have options in the morning, so I was delighted. But here’s where I need to declare an interest – I’m a porridge fan for mornings. Molly’s reflux is set off by sugar, so we avoid cereals except for ‘special occasions’. She needs a low sugar, low fat, morning meal to help line her tummy and, as we have to keep track of the amount of sugar she has each day, most breakfast cereals are off the menu.  A lot of ‘kids’ cereals have milk in them as well...this means that Molly is often standing at the cereal aisle in a supermarket sighing heavily as she puts another box of cereal back on the shelf.  After all, just because it’s not going to be a daily food item doesn’t mean it can’t be a treat...

So you can imagine her reaction when she saw Nature’s Path Gluten Free ChocoMunch...and then she realised that it was milk-free so she could eat it (life as a 9 year old that’s never had Coco Pops is, apparently, tragic...).  She couldn’t have been happier. It’s lovely for me to see her eat some cereal that’s the equivalent to a popular kids’ cereal. It’s about inclusion really; having shared thank you Nature’s Path.

Two other cereals were sent as well; Gluten Free Munch and O’s. Again the Munch is a bit high in sugar for us, but the O’s comes in at 13.3g per 100, so that’s a safer option. Both taste great; and we let Molly have some ‘on the side’ in a little bowl along with her breakfast.  The funny thing is that I’m the one who is supposed to be on a gluten free diet, not Molly. But she loves these cereals so much that I’ve been banned from eating them...they are being saved for her to work her way slowly through. My gluten free porridge alternative is Mesa Sunrise...which I love and always keep in the house.

They also sent some cereal bars to try...but sadly they either have milk, or traces of milk in them so those are definately off our menu!


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