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publication date: Nov 14, 2013

Nando's ***

To be fair Nando's isn't pretending to offer a wide range of food. Quick service and a simple menu are on offer. No doubt if you've a chilli allergy this is the place to avoid!

For us, the waitress was happy to check the ingredients list for Thyme/Oregano and was quick to check the list again when we ordered the roasted veg (which were pretty horrid frankly). Having said that the chicken was nice, the chip portions huge and the spicy nuts, olives and hummous we had was pretty good. Service was fast and friendly so for a fast and not expensive family meal it's pretty good.

They're web site does have a filter for allergies - just coeliacs, veg, vegan, nut and lactose which is okay but there is no full list of ingredients that I could see so tricky ones like Thyme you'd have to phone about. They require you to agree to terms and conditions when using the dietary filter which I find irritating but the menu then does filter and show you what's available. It's not the most comprehensive system but it's okay.

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