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publication date: Jan 11, 2014


Whatever you may think of fast food it's here to stay and we might as well review fast food places as kids are going to want to go at least once in their life!  Service isn't included in this review as it's not really why you go to McDonalds is it? Of course do comment at the bottom of the article if you find good or bad service in a branch as it's always great to hear about individual experiences. the menu. 

Milk and Egg Free Options:

Fish Fingers

Chicken McBites - NOT Chicken Nuggets!

To get the allergy information is quite irritating - you have to look at eat item individually. And it's a bit bizarre - the allergines are listed across the top with a yes, no or MAYBE (???).'s McDonalds right? Formulatic is what you expect - the same meal anywhere in the world. So how in the name of **** can we have 'maybe' under milk for hamburger (not cheeseburger...but hamburger with no cheese listed). I have tweeted them but they've ignored me so far.

Having gone through the ingredients for Fillet of Fish will, I think, be milk/egg free if you ask for no cheese, no tartar sauce.

As I'm no gluten, milk or eggs I figured the salads would be okay. The chicken in the picture looks plain grilled so I was hopeful (if breaded I'm sunk). Check out the ingredients and it says 'yes' to milk. No cheese so how?  Look at the ingredients and there is lactose in the grilled Chicken?  Really? How? If I hadn't looked it up I would have presumed a salad with grilled chicken was milk free. We really shouldn't have to check to this degree I feel.

Am quite cross.

On the plus side the fries are gluten free so obviously not fried in the same basket as the breaded stuff.

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