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publication date: Mar 10, 2016

Jammie Dodgers – Make them vegan again


So Burton’s biscuits is adding milk to Jammie Dodgers to make a ‘crispier’ biscuit with a more rounded flavour. Well that’s another product off our list then.

This is a real shame. Jammie Dodgers are popular biscuits with children. One of those ‘go to’ biscuits that everyone has in their cupboards. This is why it’s important to the parents of allergic children. It’s one of the recognisable biscuits that we can, or should I say, could, share and enjoy like everyone else. Not an expensive ‘free from’ alternative, but a traditional family favourite that we could eat.

Part of having allergies, particularly for children, is the exclusion. The comments from other children that they don’t like ‘your’ cake, cookies or bread as it tastes ‘different’. This is always hard emotionally on allergic kids. This is where Jammie Dodgers saved the day – school picnics, birthday parties – any big event and we could show up with Jammie Dodgers and everyone was happy. Especially my daughter as she could eat what everyone else was having. A rare treat for her.  I’ll quote the Burton’s Food website – ‘Jammie Dodgers are the biggest kids’ biscuit brand in the UK’. So here’s my question – did Burton’s give any consideration to the impact on allergic children or were the allergic kids not even an agenda item? I fear the latter.

For parents, having the luxury of popping into the shops and buying a pack of biscuits at a reasonable price was great. No eye watering prices that the free from ranges charge. Again – just as most parents do.

So, not for the first time, we are aligned with the vegan community. They have started a petition to ask for Burton’s to revert back to the old recipe and make Jammie Dodgers safe for Vegans and the allergic community.    They refer to the old Jammie Dodgers as ‘accidently vegan’ – a phrase I love. Due to our egg and dairy allergies we are always on the look-out for vegan baked goods.

It does also raise the question of pricing for free from biscuits. If Jammie Dodgers could be produced cheaply why can’t other ‘vegan’ or ‘free from’ biscuits be the same? Is it just an issue of rate of sale, or are there other considerations at work here; an assumption that those buying anything ‘free from’ or ‘vegan’ will always expect to pay more. Pricing is a complicated issue, but what we know is that an inexpensive biscuit that both the vegan and allergic communities could count on is now no longer on our shopping list. 

I’ve already signed the petition – please do the same!

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