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publication date: Aug 27, 2014

La Tasca

La Tasca Tapas La Tasca Gluten Free Flat Breads


Julian has a new during the holiday Molly and I decided we should visit his new office (nothing to do with the endless rain, of course...). So we arrived, a tad late after getting lost; a tad damp, having been caught in a down pour; a tad hungry as it was gone 1pm by the time we got there. So off we ventured and found La Tasca...

I love tapas. Great concept. Lots of delicious little dishes to pick and choose from. If you don't like one - no problem as there are lots coming your way. Not like ordering a main course and discovering you don't like it. Then you are just stuck. Tapas is a great way to eat and share food. Sadly, two local tapas restaurants have shut down in the last 3 years so we were delighted to come across La Tasca. It's a country wide chain which makes a review relevant to more than just the London crowd.

It was lunchtime, and nearly 1:30 when we arrived so rather quiet. Nice atmosphere tho' - in the basement and decorated in the traditional Spanish style. We got around to the job of ordering pretty quickly. I was amazed to see gluten free flat breads on the menu. Even more pleased to see that lots of dishes were marked gluten free. I've since seen from their web site that they have a gluten free award, which frankly, makes sense. Adding a flag for vegan would be a nice touch just to make things truly easy for us.

We ordered a wide variety of dishes - stews, potato and octopus, Serrano ham, calamari, olives, ribs, chicken wings. Most were wonderful. We ordered seconds of the Serrano ham and the gluten free flat breads. I have to say that the flat bread was amazing. I've never, ever, had nice gluten free bread when out. Molly and I got in an undignified tussle over the bread - hence the additional order. The Serrano ham was perfect, the chicken wings spicy but not overpowering and the ribs sticky and delicious. Wasn't completely sold on the pork stew...somehow didn't quite come together. Sadly we were a bit rushed for time so didn't try the paella - next time for sure.

They have a breakfast menu as well...sadly it's lacking in gluten free options so I won't give it a go. Overall this is a great place to eat for gluten free folk - nice food, helpful staff and a great menu.

Here is the link to their web site - have a look yourself!

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