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publication date: Apr 15, 2014

Holiday Part II

Not sure where to start....well, let’s start with the good news. Mohammed and Medhat are back! Mohammed is the restaurant manager, and Medhat is the pastry chef. The days without them were dark, dark days of no puddings for Molly. But then they came back from holiday. Mohammed came to check that Molly had been getting puddings in his absence and was, to say the least, very unhappy that it hadn’t happened. We’d be happy with jelly frankly. But Medhat won’t have that. So extraordinary desserts arrive; caramel and pecan shells stuffed with dates, egg- and milk-free honey cakes, jellies carved into shapes so impressive that other children come to our table to ask where they can get one. This is what makes the Palm Royale in Abu Soma a special place for us. Medhat spends time on the internet goggling recipes. They tell us, and they mean it, that they will adapt any recipe Molly wants.

There are five restaurants at the Palm Royale – if we choose to eat at one of the other restaurants then Methad brings Molly’s dessert over to us. Nobody puts the effort into making sure that Molly has fabulous desserts that Medhat does, but others care too. So at breakfast – where we have to say no to the pastries, pancakes, eggs, hash browns, French toast, yoghurts and waffles...the chef there makes an effort too. Every morning they bring sautéed potatoes done in oil for Molly. This might not sound like much; but when everyone else is tucking into omelettes, and poached eggs, and pancakes with chocolate sauce, this kindness matters. It matters a great deal.

Now for the bad news. I have a hideous rash again. Of course, it’s all over my face, so I feel like an ogre. I’ve taken photos and will try – yet again - to convince my GP that I need to see an allergist.

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