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publication date: Oct 18, 2015

Eye Balls

 Eye Ball Cupcakes

Okay…I know that sounds odd but its Halloween so all’s fair in love and war and all that stuff…

These are just a bit of fun. Take a cupcake – any cupcake: Here is the link to a couple of vegan or gluten free cupcakes, or just search cupcakes and you will get a list of all the cupcakes on the site:

Cover with vanilla buttercream icing – flat across the top please.


Then make your eye balls – you will need:

 Royal Icing in White, Black and whatever eye colour you choose. I use Renshaw's which is vegan.

Edible red coloured pen – Rainbow Dust do a good line.

An icing nozzle with a round nozzle so that you can cut out two different types of circles – one with each end of the nozzle.



Grab a tablespoon of icing and roll into a ball. Make as many eye balls as you have cupcakes. Do work the icing; it’s very malleable and you can roll it like clay.


Take 1 tablespoons or so of black Royal Icing and roll it out thin.

Take 2 tablespoons of coloured Royal Icing and roll it out thin.

Using the large end of a piping nozzle cut out the required number of coloured discs.

Using the small end of a piping nozzle cut out the required number of black pupils.

Using edible glue, or just a bit of water carefully put the black pupils on the coloured discs.


Again using water or a bit of edible glue attach the pupils to the eye balls.

Using a red coloured edible coloured pen (I use Red Metallic by Rainbow Dust) draw the veins on the eye balls.

Drawing Veins

Now take the eyeball and place gently on top of your cupcake – I used a bit of edible glue but Molly just stuck them on with a little push.

 Eyeball Cupcakes

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