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publication date: Jan 13, 2014

Egg Allergy or your child can't have egg. It's obvious that eggs benedict, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon are no longer on your brunch menu! But...egg and egg protein can show up in a lot of places so you need to keep an eye out. 'Vegan' baked goods are now your friend. There are lots around these days so you're in luck.


When other people feed you or your child


Nobody is going to be daft enough to serve you scrambled eggs but they might forget the following:


Egg is used as a glaze on pastry so always check

Egg is the standard binding agent in cakes and cookies so most baked goods are out unless you can check the ingredients and you're sure they are Vegan

Vegans are your friends - look for vegan bakeries for stuff your child can eat

Soups often seem to have egg in them so don't assume all is okay - this is particularly true for Asian inspired dishes.

Pasta is not necessarily okay, nor are noodles. You must check that they are egg free.

Many icecreams have egg.

Most breaded/crumbed fish/chicken has egg (the meat in dipped in it first to help bind the coating).

Pancakes and batters will have egg

Mayonnaise is made with egg

Meringues are eggs.

Yorkshire puddings have eggs (and milk...and gluten)

Carbonara sauce has eggs

Most pate's have egg - go to Waitrose for egg/milk free Pork/Onion pate, Smooth Brussels pate from the Essentials range.


Grocery Shopping


You can find Egg Free mayo at Goodness Direct,  JS and Holland and Barrett

Egg replacer is available at Goodness Direct, JS and Holland and Barrett

Egg replacer works in baking but the vegan recipes are better as they are designed to be egg free - I use egg replacer in casseroles that call for eggs.



Some vaccines are egg based, as are some anesthetics - always alert medical staff of an egg allergy.




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