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publication date: Apr 26, 2015

Travelling with Eczema

Off we went on holiday over Easter. We go to the same hotel as we know they cater for our daughters’ milk and egg allergy. To the extent that they make a special dessert every evening for her. It’s a hotel with lots of restaurants and they always make the effort to deliver the dessert to wherever we are eating. We still have to remind staff and chefs that no egg means no mayonnaise on the plate please; but all in all they are very good.

So she’s fine. For me it’s a bit trickier. I’ve developed a serious allergy to detergents over the last few years. I’m also currently waiting for patch testing as a dermatologists has suggested that I’ve got chemical allergies. This explains why my skin has been such a nightmare – apparently I’ve become allergic to the lotion I’ve been given for my dry, dry skin.

One of my worst allergies is detergent, it's now an even more impressive reaction than my horse allergy - which is saying something. I’ve ended up in A&E a couple of times as the swelling in my arms gets a bit alarming. In order to protect myself we travel with bed linen. Pillow cases, duvet covers and towels are packed along with dairy free milk, dairy free snack bars, rice crackers, allergy sensitive sun screen, steroid creams, moisturisers and enough anti histamines to sink a ship. To protect myself I sleep inside a duvet cover, with gloves on.  Every morning we remove all our linens as otherwise they end up in the hotel laundry. Returned, beautifully pressed and poisoned with detergent.

It’s just plain infuriating when we take all these precautions as I still end up with odd rashes here and there. It’s like a strange game…guess the cause? Why…why are my knees flaring up? Why is my upper lip red and sore? What’s going on now?

The answer? Well…my knees are touching the table cloth every night so I’m getting a reaction to the detergent then. My lips? The serviettes at dinner of course! They touch my lips every night. So now I have to think about how I dress to protect my knees from touching the table cloth.  No more serviettes for me – tissues will have to do; or maybe we add paper serviettes to the packing list?

Oh how I pray for a cure for allergies. Imagine – packing what you want, eating what you want, and not constantly having to protect yourself at every turn from touching something that causes a rash. I just wish that all those being dismissive of allergies could live in my skin for a day.



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