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publication date: Mar 2, 2015

Coconut Yoghurt Review

Coconut Yoghurt

Well…our lives have definitely improved! We can now get Co Yo and The Coconut Collaborative locally. I do feel for the specialist on line grocery guys but being able to include yoghurt in our regular shop is so wonderful.

Molly and I has a yoghurt tasting at the weekend. What an event! To have choice is truly amazing and I hope Waitrose continue to stock both (rather than wait and see which sells more and delist one of the brands).  It’s not just good for us, but it’s good for everyone to have choices.

First off let’s discuss price. The Coconut Collaborative was £1.69 per 120g pot, or £1.41 per 100g. Co Yo is slightly dearer at £1.99 per 125g pot or £1.60 per 100g.  This means that Co Yo is the more expensive option.

Now to sugar levels. These are close to my heart as sugar sets off Molly’s reflux so we have to monitor it. It’s not that she can’t have sugar, just that she needs to be aware of how much she has to avoid overloading and the resulting stomach issues.

The Coconut Collaborative Mango and Passion Fruit Yogurt has 7.7g of sugar per 100g, Co Yo Morello cherry yoghurt has 5.9g of sugar per 100g. To be fair it’s not like we’re comparing the same flavour of yoghurt so it’s not an exact science.  Co Yo Vanilla yoghurt has only .5g of sugar per 100g, and the Chocolate version has 3.9g.  Both natural versions have hardly any sugar, Co Yo say .5g per 100g, and the Coconut Collaborative lists no sugar. So…all in all a lot less sugar than dairy yoghurts. As sugar content is an issue for us this means Co Yo’s vanilla version is a good choice for us, maybe with fresh fruit added. 

Oh…and don’t be fooled by the title ‘Coconut & Lime’ on the Collective Dairy yoghurt. It’s milk, and for some reason egg as well. I accept that the logo is in the shape of a cows’ head but I did momentarily think ‘yippee…a third coconut yogurt’. I was wrong.

Now to the important part – the tasting. You really do have two quite different yoghurts; which is a very good thing I think. Co Yo is very thick, rich and filling. This is definitely my preference. If I want a snack I do want to feel filled up. So for me, Co Yo is the clear favourite (pic below).  The Coconut Collaborative is too thin for my taste; and strangely I ended up eating it rather quickly.

Co Yo

Molly, however, has a different view. She preferred the texture of The Coconut Collaborative. She likes a thinner yoghurt and despite the slightly higher sugar levels didn’t taste very sweet - nice and tart. Now she loves passion fruit and mango so that helped but I think she found the smoother texture easier on her stomach (pic below).  For her, the thickness of Co Yo was literally hard to swallow.

Coconut Collaborative

I had rather hoped to have a review with a ‘clear winner’, instead we are now a two yoghurt household. Molly loves The Coconut Collaborative, I prefer the Co Yo (although not the chocolate one). 

Well…two very different textures…two very different views.






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