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publication date: May 11, 2015

SAT’s week and Asthma

Naturally Molly has a cold and a temperature. This has happened for the simple reason that it’s SAT’s week. A week of exams that will be used to judge her primary school and impact on the targets set for her for her GCSE’s. No small event.  So I’m truly ticked off that she’s sick.

We’ve had a weekend of enforced TV watching, we’ve bellowed - ‘get back on that couch and watch a movie!’  All sports cancelled for the weekend. That’s a big deal in our house.  For the first time Molly has agreed to nap in the afternoon. Curled up in bed with a book she’s dozed off with a temperature of 38.3.  As Calpol doesn’t seem to take her temperature down much; we’ve always used Ibuprofen as it seems so much more effective for her.

At the same time we’ve been battling her asthma flaring up when she gets a cold. Back on inhalers (blue and brown) for the last few months. Slowly reducing the amount needed so that’s she’s been taking one brown preventer puff a day. Naturally this has increased with her getting a cough and a cold. Getting her temperature down always seemed a priority when she was sick…so I turned to the Nurofen this weekend as usual…

Then a thought occurred to me. Some people’s asthma is made worse by Ibuprofen. Were Molly’s colds lingering on because we were using Nurofen? For the first time I put it back on the shelf. I’d never thought there was a connection before, thought she was not affected as there wasn’t an immediate reaction. The warning on the label seemed to jump out at me on Saturday. So this time I decided to see what happened if we stuck to Calpol.

Her temperature stayed a bit higher than I would have liked, and she developed a bit of a cough but nothing like she usually does. The night was fine – no trouble getting to sleep or coughing through the night.  In the past her colds always develop into a hacking, chesty cough. So far, this hasn’t happened.  It’s not definitive proof, but I can’t help but wonder if the Ibuprofen has, in fact, been making things much worse. She woke up this morning, having had a good nights’ sleep with her temperature near normal.  Streaming nose and a sore throat but much better than I’d hoped for.

We are going to keep an eye on this – and avoid Ibuprofen for the future. We’ve been using First Defence, and ColdZyme, and getting through enough Manuka honey lozenges to sink a ship.  I have no idea if these things really help but it does make me feel better to be ‘doing something’. It may be the placebo effect but I don’t care.  We’ll stick to paracetamol for Molly, maybe risk an Ibuprofen test in the future, but right now it looks like it’s an asthma trigger for her.


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