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publication date: Jan 5, 2017

Amorino - Vegan Sorbet Review

Amorino Vegan Sorbet



We were in town getting Molly's phone fixed after a tragic drop and smash event.  While we waited for Ismash to fix her phone we came across Amorino at 67 Kings Road.  Expecting the usual answer to 'are any of your sorbets dairy and egg free?' we popped in. But WOW. Molly had a choice of what to actual choice...too many vegan options to have in one visit. 

I realise to most people this doesn't sound like a big deal. Visit an ice cream cafe, choose what looks nice and voila a lovely family treat. But for us it's not so simple. For us we usually have to leave empty handed, or with some sort of herbal tea concoction as a consolation prize of sorts. It does get a bit depressing and often we just can't be bothered to ask. When we do ask, and get sent away we always ask staff to pass back to the head office that dairy free, egg free alternatives have been asked for. They may, or may not do it, but if we don't try to create the demand then we aren't helping the situation. This is why I also email head offices if we've visited (or tried to) a restaurant or chain that we've had to leave due to lack of, or no, options we can eat.

So coming across Amorino was such a wonderful surprise. Lots of choices for Molly (and me) to eat. They apologised for not having any of the vegan chocolate sorbet left (be still my heart) but Molly still had lemon, strawberry, mango and pistachio to choose from. Our server even announced that she was using a clean paddle to ensure there was no cross contamination. I love people like this - people who take the time to be kind and helpful. People who take allergies seriously. 

Now to the sorbet.  All of them were wonderful but the strawberry was amazing. Just plain delicious and not like anything else we've tasted. The lemon was really nice, and I'd order it again and the mango didn't disappoint. We will definitely go back to try the chocolate.  They created Molly's cone in a flower shape which I think just adds that extra bit of special.  The photo's don't really do it justice.

They have 10 shops in London and also use Deliveroo so you can have it delivered to your home.

Here's their website it you want to take a look




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