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publication date: Oct 1, 2013

Allergy Shopping


I'm sure there are lots of speciality shops out there and if you know of any that you want to tell us about do drop us an email. In the meantime I'm concentrating on major retailers (grocery, high street, and a couple of internet sites) that I find useful.


The are well known for their FreeFrom Range and with good cause.  While there are lots of pasta's around made from rice, spelt, corn etc I really like Sainsbury's FreeFrom Fusilli and Spaghetti.  It's ready in about 9 minutes (boil with the lid off) and is good enough to serve to those who can eat wheat. The down side? It's expensive. The rest of their FreeFrom range is good, although most of the breads have egg so they are no use to me.

They do a good range of gluten free cookies, although most have egg so you have to look carefully at the ingredients.

For the milk free crowd there is a good range of Rice Dream, and Soya milks and desserts but no Oately cream which means we can't do a 'one stop shop' at JS.



The bigger Waitrose shops have an excellent range of flours, milks (Rice Dream, Soya, Hemp, Oat, and Almond).  

Unlike a lot of shops they don't just have one variety of Gluten Free cereal but rather several products on sale from the Nature's Path brand which means you can get a good variety of cereals rather than just the one.

In terms of biscuits they've DS gluten free, Mrs Crumbles, Lazy Day Foods and products from the American Muffin Co Ltd so there really is lots of choice.  Their main offering is from their own brand 'Waitrose Love Life' which has some great products.

They also have all the gluten free items such as pasta (although not as nice as the JS product in my view), and key cupboard items such as soya sauce, baking power etc


Holland and Barrett

The mainstay of the health food shops in the British high street. This is where I can always get Oately cream, a good selection of soya cheeses and most of the weird flours I'm experimenting with for baking (rice, potato, tapioca, flax seed etc). They carry the Dove Farm range of flours which is great as they are a mainstay for gluten free baking and also make flours designed for bread making.

They also sell the best range of Egg Free mayonese going, as well as soya based options for cheese sauces if you're interested.

On top of that they do a nice range in biscuits and sweets for those with dairy allergies and a good range of products for diabetics if you suffer from reflux and have to reduce sugar. This is also where I buy agar nectar for baking as a substitute for syrup as it's easier on the stomach than sugar is.

They also take first place when it comes to snack bars and cookies, and have the best  selection of rice cakes around.

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