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publication date: Mar 4, 2014

McDonald’s – Whaddayamean ‘maybe’ on the allergens list?

My daughter was recently invited to a friend’s birthday party. The plan was to record a cd of them all singing and then troop off to McDonald’s. Sounds great. Twelve 10 year old girls singing away to the lastest pop songs and then having lunch. Then the ‘birthday mom’ asked about food – what was  safe to let Molly order? Could I text her so she had it with her please?. Perfect. Love it when  they ask; when my daugher isn’t treated as just an extra hassle to be dealt with (although it is an extra hassle). Very kind. I went to the McDonald’s’ website. Now I knew that we would have to avoid cheese and tartar sauce. Milk and egg allergies make that obvious. What did I expect from McDonald’s? Clarity for one thing. It’s McDonald’s...the same all over the world. That’s one of the key selling points surely? You know what you are getting. So imagine my surprise when I clicked on the allergy information for a hamburger to check on milk and eggs. Under eggs and sesame it says ‘maybe’. Really?.‘Maybe’?. Now I can kinda get that maybe they substitue sesame buns so it’s a risk, but the whole point of allergy information is that you know what you are eating. ‘Maybe’ doesn’t come into it. Yes, or No works.

McDonaldsSo obviously no burgers for my girls since, well, I don’t know what’s in them!  Next Chicken McNuggets...that’s a ‘no’ due to milk and egg, but Chicken McBites are fine. No milk, no egg. Why can they make one breaded chicken product milk and egg free but not another? It would make McNuggets friendly for those with dairy and egg allergies so surely they’d sell more? It’s gotta be possible since the McBites are okay.  I guess that’s their business decision, but irritating. Fish fingers fine too, so at least she had an option.


I was also a bit horrified to see that the buns have soya flour in them. This isn’t something people will expect, so those with Soya allergies beware – McDonald’s buns aren’t for you.

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