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publication date: Mar 20, 2014

Eczema vs fashion vs my boobs…who wins? You decide.

I was whiling away some time on Twitter yesterday when I saw a post from The Allergy Show about eczema flare ups. Great I thought. I’m itchy all over; even my husband is saying things like ‘wow, that looks sore’ and friends are commenting that I’m ‘redder than usual’ at the moment. I’m a life- long sufferer and a bit of a sucker for the latest product or theory. It was a link to a short five point article about eczema with suggestions such as ‘wear crew necks’, light colours, loose clothes, nothing tight around ‘flared’ areas etc. So…nothing that rocked my world, but I was momentarily perplexed by the  ‘wear light colours’,  especially  as the previous picture had been of dark trousers (making the point that loose trousers are better, than, say, the skinny jeans I’m wearing at the moment).

So without a second thought (or clearly a first) I tweeted…why light colours? A modern moment of madness I guess. Worse than hitting ‘send’ on an ill thought email. At least then your dumbness is only shown to a select group. So tweeting a dumb question was …well… a new low. Of course within 13 minutes (yes…I checked) the lovely Sarah @sugarpufferish responded with ‘my guess would be skin flakes & it makes you look like you’ve got dandruff’.  So there I was, brushing off my dark blue top, and my dignity, at the same time.

Here’s where my boobs come into it. They’re…well…a tad on the large side. So I live in dark colours. V necks are my friend too. As a teenager I remember my mother (34A) telling me to ‘dress to minimise’. Now…really? Minimizing 30GG boobs is beyond most people’s sartorial skill but I do my best. Every time I see an article in a magazine about ‘dressing for your body shape’ I flip frantically  through to ‘top heavy’ section in the vain hope of some magical suggestion. But no.  It’s the usual discussion about wrap tops and dresses, drawing the eye away, v necks and, of course, dark colours. If I wear a light coloured crew neck, then I’m going to look like a female impersonation of Sponge Bob Square Pants (I’m 5ft 3…). So what to do? Try to hide the eczema? Try to hide the boobs? Call Gok crying with the stress of it all?  I just don’t know…let me know what you think!

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